RIPPED FREAK 12 Week Challenge: 3 February – 24 April 2020

Entering The Transformation Challenge

There are two starter packs provided for individuals looking to take part in our RIPPED FREAK transformation challenge. The starter packs are seperated by gender and form the foundation of the 12 week challenge. Within each starter pack we have included a host of products as well as a FREE RIPPED FREAK Hybrid Fat Burner to help you get into…

The RIPPED FREAK 12 Week Challenge runs over 12 weeks, starting on 3 February and ending on 24 April 2020. The check-in points for all entrants will be every 4 weeks as shown in your profile once logged in. A check-in point requires the submission of your weight, measurements and photos in order for us to track your progress.

Once you have purchased your starter pack, credentials will be provided to login to your profile via email. You will also receive email reminders once a check-in date becomes available. At this point your weight & measurements need to be filled in timeously as submissions are open for a 48 hour window. Entrants that fail to submit the required information may be disqualified.

One overall male winner and one overall female winner will be chosen, along with two female runners up and two male runners up. The winners will be chosen across both fitness goals and will be those entrants who have made the best overall transformation and made the best attempt to achieve their individual fitness goals.

#1st Place – Cash Prize

Male and female #1st place finishers will each receive R20,000 in cash as well as a PharmaFreak Supplement Hamper.

#2nd Place – PF Hamper

Male and female #2nd place finishers will each receive a PharmaFreak Supplement Hamper (valued at R5,000).

#3rd Place – PF Hamper

Male and female #3rd place finishers will each receive a PharmaFreak Supplement Hamper (Valued at 3,000).

Select Your Starter Pack

We provide both free/premium Diets and Training Programmes available for download that you may use as a guideline for your challenge, however you are welcome to make use of your own diet / training program. Keep checking in on our Social Media Channels to help keep you motivated throughout your 12 week journey. We will be posting new articles every week, with topics covering everything you’ll need to know to stay focused on your RIPPED FREAK lifestyle.