Diet & Training

Ok, you’ve got your Ripped Freak and you’re ready to transform. Now what? Well, we’ve put together a few world class diet plans for you to follow that will have you shredding weight off in no time. Simply select one below and follow it to the T.

Ladies Weight-Loss

Our RIPPED FREAK Female Weight Loss Diet has been professionally developed by industry experts who have put together a mixture of low carb/calorie meal options with maximum nutrition to help you not only burn off stubborn fat but improve overall health, wellness and energy levels. Previous RIPPED FREAK Challenge Female Winners have won using this exact programme.

Ladies Muscle Tone

Our RIPPED FREAK Female Muscle Tone Diet combines proven nutrition guidance by championship winning female athletes. The diets are slightly higher in carbs/calories than a weight-loss diet, but provides you enough nutrients to increase muscle tone and achieve a much leaner bikini body.

Mens Weight-Loss

Our RIPPED FREAK Male Weight Loss Diet is designed to help you achieve rapid fat loss and completely transform your body. Low in carbs/calories and high in protein and nutrients this diet provides you with everything needed to achieve a truly inspirational transformation while improving overall health, wellness and energy levels. Previous RIPEPD FREAK Challenge Male Winners have won using this exact programme.

Mens Muscle Tone

Our RIPPED FREAK Muscle Tone Diet has been professionally put together with a higher carb/calorie content that will help get ripped while packing on quality muscle and size! Previous contestants have won using this exact diet!

About Our Lifestyle and Fitness Coach

Emmerentia Rautenbach

“I’m a Lifestyle and Fitness coach and the creator of the EmmagineYou NEW Lifestyle Transformation System. I live my dream and purpose every day by helping men and women unlock their greatest potential in all aspects of life. I coach mindfulness, and share my wealth of knowledge of nutrition and fitness. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than to be given the opportunity to equip people with wings and watch them soar through life.

I’m willing to walk through fire with anyone who is ready to commit to a better, healthier lifestyle. Contact me to embark on a one-on-one coaching journey of self-discovery, mindfulness, smart training and healthy living.

I look forward to helping YOU become what you EmmagineYou to be.”

~ Coach Emm